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Research and Analysis

The CRESS Group will provide research and analysis of the current market and available properties to provide data helpful in commercial real estate processes such as site selection, property evaluation, development, listing property for sale and listing property for lease. With the accurate research and analysis The CRESS Group is confident that they can give their clients the best advice in their business endeavors. The following are specific research and analysis services provided:

  • Commercial listing services for most-recent listings and closings.
  • Database research engines to analyze tax records for off-market property transactions.
  • Local, regional and nationwide listings, closings and up to date market research.
  • Specific industry expense ratios for typical standard real estate expenses relative to total revenue.
  • Demographic Studies, Traffic Counts, Utility Accessibility Reports, Zoning and Permitted Use Studies and Reports.
  • Expert Lease versus Buy Analysis – is it cheaper long-term to lease or buy a specific commercial real property?
  • Local governmental liaisons including economic developers.
  • Information on grants and other opportunities.