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Report: “N.C. Ports Land Eyed For Potential Development”

Report: “N.C. Ports Land Eyed For Potential Development”

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In a recent article by Christina Haley O’Neal from the Greater Wilmington Business Journal, O’Neal reported:

“N.C. Ports and government agencies are looking at the feasibility of developing a piece of port property along the Cape Fear River to expand the port’s business opportunities.

The site of the old Southern Wood Piedmont Co. in the 1500 block of South Front Street is in the process of going through the state’s brownfields program, which is part of the Division of Waste Management under the N.C. Department of Environmental Quality (NCDEQ).

A multi-agency meeting was held with N.C. Ports in March regarding the potential for the site’s development and to share information about what could and could not be done with the property, according to officials with the state agency.

According to Laura Blair, vice president of administration and external affairs for N.C. Ports, the ports requested the scoping meeting on the site, which has been owned by the ports for a long time, to ‘look at the potential for development there.’

Blair said the design submitted with the request for the scoping meeting is ‘a schematic of the potential of what could be on the property.'”

For more details on the possibility of land development along the Cape Fear River, please read the full article on, by clicking here.

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